• Nadia Nait Ammou

Are you Listening?

Do you feel sometimes that your life would benefit from having more time to learn a new language or develop a new skill?

Do you feel that you need to set up some life changes and get rid of the bad habits?

Do you feel you need to give birth to the projects you have been dreaming of for so many years?

If the reason to any of this is YES, then you might want to start from the very beginning.

Namely, listen to your inner self.

You may think you really want those changes, but how does your inner self feel about it?

To provide a personal example, I decided some years ago to meditate more often, or take some time in my busy schedule to zone off and benefit from the great benefits of meditation.

I started by creating a scheduled 20 minute slot in my diary on a daily basis. I somehow could not get myself to commit to this task on a daily basis. Tried different timing, every other day, then on a weekly basis. But somehow I could not get to meditate on a regular basis.

I finally half accepted the fact that I only meditate on a per needed basis or when I feel that my body and mind would need to zone off.

I got to a final acceptance the day I realized that I was actually putting myself on a meditative mode several times a day every day without noticing it!

Performing repetitive tasks such as peeling potatoes, cleaning my place, ironing or just zoning off listening to the music I love while sipping my coffee in the morning, etc.

Is there a lesson to learn here? No.

Just a nice example of what the mind can trigger when it sets itself some goals or to do list that may improve the quality of our life. The mind can only trigger tension, stress and disappointment when the to do list is not achieved.

Hence the importance of FEELING the changes needed instead of wanting them.

Now you may want to ask, ok but HOW do I FEEL what is right for me?

There you go, now you understand why it is important to listen to your Self.

You are ready to read my next post that provides some guidance on how to learn to Listen to your Self.

Happy reading!

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